An experience built on kindness and creativity with an emphasis on art and adventure

When inviting me in to tell a part of your story, you are letting me into the deepest parts of your life and relationship. What an honor that is–and I am so so grateful. I believe that what sets me apart from other photographers is the heart that I have for each and every session and the people in them. No matter the occasion, I will capture without reservation– everything from the smallest details to the greatest landscape; so when you return to this story you will feel everything. 

If you know me at all, you know I do things a bit differently around here. I mean that is what my enneagram wing 4 loves– doing things differently.

Take some time to read through my approach and what to expect to see if we’re the right fit for each other. I would much rather you go with another photographer in order for you to get the best possible experience, because the experience you have with your photographer strongly reflects how you feel about your photos later on.

During the shoot

The edits

I want to be your helping hand every step of the way. Guiding you through choosing locations and outfits that will help flatter you and go well with our scenery. Giving you concepts and styles to have photos like no one else. I am just an email away from any questions you might have! I want this to be a collaboration between the both of us and find ways to put my creative spin on the art that is your beautiful life and story.

the before

My approach

I expect you to be a little nervous and that is okay, I promise. I will ease us into the whole experience, making sure that I don't move faster than what you are comfortable with. I will be prompting and directing you the whole time as needed so you never have to be like, "Taylor, what do we do with our hands?" I want it to seem like a fun night out just hanging out and celebrating your love.

My favorite part-- gallery delivery! You will get sneak peeks of your session or wedding within 48 hours of shooting. Full gallery is delivered within 2 weeks for a session and within 4 weeks for a wedding. Expect your gallery to be JAM-PACKED with a huge variety. This is the biggest thing people compliment me on; I give you close-ups, far away, landscape focused, fun candids, serious posed shots, details of your hands, black and white, blurry and fun, the good ole classic smiling shots, and a multitude of photos that work together tell your full story.

I go through our time together and pick all the photos that I consider "good" and select them for editing. I do not have any "max number" of photos that I deliver, because I have them--why not give you all the good ones? After that, each of those images is hand-edited with care by me. I don't just slap a preset on it and call it good, I look at the lighting and tones in every single image. Another really cool aspect of my process is that I don't edit all the photos the same either; each couple and shoot is different and feels a certain way to me, so that is how I edit--based on how it felt and your styles as my client. 

The gallery