The Experience

I do things a bit differently. 

Take a little bit of time to read through my unique approach and what you can expect if we work together! I would much rather you choose a another photographer if it means you get the best possible experience for your wedding day. After all, your experience will strongly affect how you view those images later on. 

My hope is for us both to be doing happy dances in the middle of our living rooms and screaming from the rooftops that we found 'the one'... ya know? Like THE photographer and THE most dreamy clients!

02. connectiOn + trust

03. An artistic approach

I want to be your helping hand every step of the way. From your initial inquiry to well past gallery delivery day, not only am I available, but I am more than willing to help with any questions you might have. Support through tough wedding decisions, guidance on choosing an elopement destination, creating your wedding timeline together-- any thing you need, I am here for you!

01. Support + Guidance

My approach

I value you our relationship so much. During my 6 years in the industry, I have learned that for me to create my best work, we both have to connect and trust each other! That's why I truly get to know you and your story, have multiple check-ins and calls, and really dive deep into how I can best show up for you! 

Unposed; but in the kind of way that still makes you feel comfortable and well-guided! My goal is to give you photos that feel unposed and whimsical and full of live and love and energy. But I will still be guiding you plenty along the way! My whole process leading up to our shoot is all about collaborating to get exactly what you are wanting! I want these photos to feel true-to-you and your vision. 

Something that makes my work unique is my background in the arts and how I incorporate that into my photos through lighting, colors, composition, and movement. This allows me to capture your day as it happened in a very documentary style approach... but not just like you handed a random guest a camera and had them snap some photos. My approach is thoughtfully curated to give you photos that capture the way the day felt, but also just look like pure art. 

Probably the #1 thing that makes me stand out among other photographers: an undefined style. I am not a "dark and moody" photographer only and I'm not "bright and airy" always. I don't just take every photo and slap a preset on it. I edit based on the lighting of the day-- was it sunny and bright or was it a moody rainy day? I edit based on my clients' personalities-- are they spunky and artsy and maybe want a little flare to their photos? I edit based on emotion and all the gushy parts of who you are, and how I see you in my eyes. That is how you choose a photographer... who do you want to make art out of your life with?

This is something I can 1000% promise to you, and that is I will always always always lead with kindness and integrity. My core values for life in general are hard work and kindness to all, and that is the baseline of my photography business. I will show kindness and respect to you (no matter where you are at in life), your families, and all the guests at your wedding. 

The way I photograph is directed towards giving you the most variety in your final gallery. Think close ups, far away landscapes, black and whites, vintage edits, film photographs, polaroids, blurry movement shots, sun flares, artistic and editorial shots, a variety of posing, all while still capturing those nice "must-have" shots for all your family's refrigerators. :) 

Overall, I am just overjoyed to serve you and be a part of your day! I take it as the highest honor that you connect with me as a human but also my artwork. My heart is to get to know you deeply and serve you with a smile on my face!

04. unposed | True to you

05. An undefined style

06. Kindness at the forefront

07. Abundant variety

08. A Servant's heart